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With the New Kimel sweatband shorts you will burn fat during your daily activities. The fabric contains neoprene, which is at the same time elastic and causes your body temperature to rise, thus causing you to sweat. With this, you not only burn fat faster, but also waste products are better removed from your body.

Thanks to the good fit, the leggings are always comfortable and with the hook-eye closure, the waistband is always firm and comfortable around your waist. The seam of the leggings is very finely stitched for extra strength. These leggings are a perfect way to slim down fast and keep your body healthy!

Material: sweatband made of 100% neoprene and shorts made of 100% polyester.

Kimel Sweat Pants

  • Partenaire rêvée de vos séances de sport, le short de sudation vous accompagne dans l'accomplissement de vos objectifs esthétiques et/ou athlétiques.

    Grace à la compression thermique exercée au niveau de l'abdomen, des obliques et du dos, elle permet d'éliminer les graisses et de se débarrasser des ballonnements.

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