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Mighty Spirit

For every woman's body is unique, Kimel offers a large product selection. We have the exact accessory you need, we help you get the body you've always been dreaming of !


Kimel Sport


our Purpose

Up this day, kimel has helped more than a thousand women to discover their hidden curves with our collection. It has more Than that helped women get back their confidence and self-esteem, thanks to our premium kimel accessories !


Our product assortment allows you to have the perfect hourglass body, you’ve been wanting for so long. Besides, it enhances your athletic performances with its resistance bands ! Whatever your goals might be, we’ve got what you need to help you achieve them !

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summer pack 


Get your perfect summer body with the new Kimel's Sport pack which contains 3 top products :

  • The Double Define Waist Band

  • The 3 Kimel Resistance Bands to go with your training sessions

  • The Hot Gel - its thermoactive formula stimulates the sweat and accelerates fat burning



Find your perfect fit

Our double defined waist bands are ideal match for every woman who would want to tone up her abdominal and lower back area. Kimel wait bands uses the Sweatech technology and a double targeted compression straps, which has a heat trapping system to get you the results you want.

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The Ultimate accessory 


The resistant kimel bands are the ideal accessories to tone up and strenghten your body, especially the down area. It will follow your workout sessions : at the gym, at home or even outside.



our products



    Ruth Katanga


The waist band is very comfy and convenient for sports. Thank you so much for your advice, you’re an amazing, very humble and reactive person 



Honestly, the waistband quality is top!! Went from a M size to a Small and now an XS in just 3 months. Consistency pays off. Just a quick advice : to get results done, work out and eat properly.



Honestly quality is on fleek especially for daily workout 

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